Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Vintage Work Space

After a week and a half of working on getting my workspace that I use for crafting and Road 10 Vintage organized, I finally have it all spiffy and finished up!

Everything has a place - I just need to be sure I put it back in that place when I'm done with it!  I thinking having a nice environment to work and be creative in is important.  Our basement is less than pleasant all on it's own since it is unfinished, but when adorned in vintage fabric goodness - it's a kitschy and eclectic place.  I used vintage sheets and table cloths to cover the vinyl insulation (we call it diaper walls).  Since I can't paint it, the only other option is to cover it.

Well - I'd better be off to get to work!  Things to photograph, list and ship!

What sort of work space do you have?  Messy, clean, cluttered, kitschy, simple....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Still around....

I'm still here, still around.  The holidays sure kept me busy busy.  I really enjoyed little miss's break from school and the time we spent together.  We had 3 lovely Christmases!  We have one with each side of our families and we love to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home.  The 3 of us enjoyed lots of game playing and snacking!

So little miss is back at school now and I'm getting started on a big project!  I've been wanting to move my photo set up next to the window in my basement work space, but that means moving other things like big heavy desks to other locations.  So I'm working on re-organizing everything!  Looking forward to the end result.  I really feel like a welcoming and pleasant work space will in turn help me work better.  Maybe have more time for some of the crafty things I'd like to do (maybe do something with the mountains of fabric I have!)

Check back to see the transformation - I'll have before and afters for sure!
Have you started any big projects for the New Year?